Sweeneys Polarised Sunglasses - Bamboo -Black Frame - Red/Orange Mirror Lens - Wayfarer

Brand: Sweeneys
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Premium built wooden sunglasses - 2018 Model


Handcrafted from natural, sustainably managed, super quick growing, Bamboo wood, these stylish sunglasses fit great, are made to last, and will look good on anybody!

They come with polarised lenses, which block out the glare from the sun, blinding shine form nearby vehicles, and even allow you to see into a lake or the sea, rather than just seeing the reflection of the sky.

These sunglasses are great for driving, fishing, water sports, winter sports, or just looking good.

Price Elsewhere: €27.68

Bamboo Wood sunglasses - 2018

Wooden temple+"3+2"Double Barrel Spring Metal Hinge+ polarised Mirror lens

Certification:  CE FDA UV400 Polarised Lens

Lenses Material: 1.1mm Polarized TAC Mirror

Comes with Velvet Lined Box and Cleaning Cloth

  • UV Protection
  • Polarised Lenses
  • Top Quality
  • No quible returns policy for 30 days